St Barbe Museum + Art Gallery

Kifi Creative collaborated closely with the St Barbe Museum + Art Gallery Marketing team to rebrand the existing brand identity. We conducted thorough research on the history of the building and incorporated it into our identity. Our aim was to provide the Museum with a tangible representation to convey the origins of St Barbe, while seamlessly integrating the essence of ‘art’ into the brand identity. Our services encompassed brand identity development, signage boards, external metal lettering, and various printed items.

Design elements

Brand Identity

The face of Anne St Barbe (artist impression) is forever memorialized at the museum and art gallery building in Lymington. In 1834, she generously donated £220 to establish a school for underprivileged children, which eventually transformed into the present-day cultural center. Originally intended as a powder coated steel sculpture to adorn the front of the building, lack of funding hindered its realization.


Various elements

Strong, vibrant colors inspired by the sea and land, combined with innovative shapes, were utilized in the brand identity of St Barbe Museum + Art Gallery. These elements were skillfully integrated throughout their advertising design.

Front of building sculpture (never made)

Using simple shapes and bold colors, the logo was designed as a layered, powdercoated steel sculpture.

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