Little Mountain Lavender

Kifi Creative collaborated closely with the Little Mountain Lavender to create a completely new brand identity for a lavender farm in Romsey. From concept to execution, we worked hand in hand, working to the detailed breif given. Together, we propelled their brand forward, igniting a wave of success and resonance in the market.

  • Brand Identity
  • Social Media Identity
  • lavender bottle labelling

Design elements

Brand Identity

Discover the magic of Little Mountain Lavender, where nature’s beauty intertwines with the warmth of a sunrise. At Kifi Creative, we collaborated closely with the team to create a brand identity as unique as their land. From logo design to social media presence, we propelled their success and resonance in the market. Let’s connect and create something extraordinary for your small business. Kifi Creative – Logos and websites for Small Business.



Using the bird in flight as the social media icon alongside the font encircling it adds a visually appealing element to the design of Caldwells social pages.

Little Mountain Lavender bottle labels

Using the branding created for the little mountain lavender, we expertly crafted stunning labels here at Kifi Creative. And as expected, the charming little bottles sold out quickly, showcasing the undeniable appeal of the product label design and content.

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