Caldwells Estate Agents

Kifi Creative collaborated closely with the Caldwells Marketing team to breathe new life into their existing brand. From concept to execution, we worked hand in hand, infusing fresh perspectives and innovative ideas into their identity. Together, we propelled their brand forward, igniting a wave of success and resonance in the market.

  • Brand Identity
  • Social Media Identity
  • Estate Agent Boards
  • Shop Fascia

Design elements

Brand Identity

The bird in flight symbolizes dynamism and transformation, alongside the sturdy yet modern font, infusing Caldwells with a rejuvenated and present-day image for their brand identity.


Social media icon

Using the bird in flight as the social media icon alongside the font encircling it adds a visually appealing element to the design of Caldwells social pages.

Caldwells estate agent boards

Using simple shapes and bold colors, Kifi Creative highlights the brand identity of Caldwells across all three board styles: For Sale, Sale Agreed, and Sold.

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